Legend: solo, duo, trio, quartet, ensemble, orchestra, computer, installation


(36) new work, winds, strings, ca. 10 min
Commissioned by GIMIK e.V.

(35) new work, microtonal keyboard, bass trombone, ca. 20 min
Commissioned by M.O. Abbott

(34) Rassla, Supercollider (with or without acoustic instruments), 17 min, score, audio

(33) Sieve of Eratosthenes, 2 microtonal pianos, 4 min or longer, score, audio


(32) Nocturne, flute, bass flute, alto saxophone, bass trombone, accordion (12-EDO), electric guitar (84-EDO), harp (84-EDO), violin, cello, 18 min, score, audio
Commissioned by GMEA – Centre Centre National de Création Musicale d’Albi–Tarn


(31) Time falling, work in progress, ca. 20 min

(30) Harmonium glistening, at least 6 sustaining instruments and/or voices, 18 min, score, audio

(29) Triple resplendence, alto flute, viola, alto trombone, 7 min, score, audio


(28) Chanter (to sing), cello, 15 min, score

(27) Per,, 12 min, score, audio

(26) Fields flowering, violin, viola, cello, 8 min

(25) Wenn, mezzo-soprano (or alto flute), violin, clarinet (A), bass clarinet, 8 min, score

(24) Port (Rondo for Marcus Pal), SuperCollider, 27 min, audio

(23) Within (98 Chords Catherine Lamb), horn, viola, suspended cymbal, 10 min, score, audio

(22b) Tenebrae factae sunt (intonation of Gesualdo 1611), SSATTB voices, 10 min, score, audio

(22a) Sicut cervus desiderat (intonation of Palestrina 1604), SATB voices, 3 min, score, audio


(21) Bercer (to rock), cello, 11 min, score, audio

(6b) Atlas, 2012, just intonation version, viola, acoustic guitar, 14 min, audio

(20) Cone, SuperCollider, 12 min, audio

(19) Anstatt, clarinet (B-flat), accordion, violin, cello, 10 min, score
Commissioned by the Neuköllner Originaltöne Festival

(18) Just (chords, melodies), piano (Sabat II well-temperament), 13 min, score, audio


(17) Still, violin, viola, 6 min, score, audio

(16) Drift, any 4 sustaining instruments and/or voices, 3 min, score, audio

(15) Schwer Abschied nehmen wenn ich Taschentuch sehe with Luisa Rüster and colleagues, violin, keyboard, SuperCollider, 3 dancers, light and object installation, 45 min, video

(14) Gram, alto recorder, viola, keyboard (Pythagorean split-key tuning), 15 min, score, audio

(13) Branch (Plainsound Trio), any 3 sustaining instruments and/or voices, 8 min, score, audio


(12) Servicemaster with Kim Farris-Manning, film-music-object installation, 55 min, film

(11) Motte, flute (+piccolo), alto saxophone (+contabass clarinet), bassoon (+contrabassoon), horn, bells, piano (13-limit just intonation), violin, viola, 40 min, score, audio


(10) That, which,, 5 min, score
Commissioned by the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra

(9) About,, 17 min, score, audio

(8) Along, around, 8 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, contrabass, percussion, 10 min, score
Commissioned by Atlantic Sinfonia

(7) At least, violin, piano (equal temperament), 10 min, score


(6a) Atlas, 2012, alto saxophone, electric guitar, 14 min, score, audio

(5) For Margaret Lingas, 10 voices, harmonium, 6 min, score, audio


(4) Tombeau de souvenirs,, 6 min
Commissioned by the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra

(3) Apparitions, flute, clarinet (B-flat), violin, cello, piano (equal temperament), 10 min
Commissioned by the Bathurst Chamber Music Festival

(2) Number three, mandolin, viola, piano (any tuning), 9 min, score, audio


(1) Trois pièces d’après Kandinsky,, 10 min