March 16–19 in Stockholm (SE)
Sixth Edition Festival for Other Music
Harmonic Space Orchestra and guests permiere a new commissioned piece by Ellen Arkbro

January 31 in Berlin (DE)
Prime Time #1 (KM28)
Concert series presented by Harmonic Space Orchestra


August 1–6 in Albi (FR)
Expériences (L’Athenor)
GMEA–Centre National de Création Musicale Albi–Tarn
Composition commission and residency through

January 7–8 in Victoria (CA)
SALT New Music Festival (University of Victoria)
Tsilumos Ensemble


November 18 in Cologne (DE)
reiheM (Basement)
Harmonic Space Orchestra performs works by James Tenney

October 3 in Albi (FR)
Festival Riverrun (Théâtre des Lices)
GMEA – Centre National de Création Musicale Albi–Tarn (Albi, France)
Harmonic Space Orchestra performs Marc Sabat’s Gioseffo Zarlino

June 26 in Berlin (DE)
Harmony, Empiness, Space (Konzerthaus)
Harmonic Space Orchestra presents a program as part of the #FREIRAUM project of the Konzerthaus Berlin


October 16–24 in Berlin (DE)
Harmonic Space 2020 (KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst and KM28)
Harmonic Space Orchestra and guests present a festival of music and visuals by and connected to James Tenney featuring just intonation and other microtonal tuning systems


February 15 in Berlin (DE)
Solo piano recital (KM28)
Works by Marc Sabat, Morton Feldman, Thomas Nicholson and Ludwig van Beethoven
Feurich piano tuned to Sabat II Well Temperament)

January 6–9 in Berlin (DE)
Chords, Melodies (KM28)
Harmonic Space Orchestra and guests present a four-day festival


September 23 in Berlin (DE)
Schwer Abschied nehmen wenn ich Taschentuch sehe (UrbanRaum)
Media installation (music, dance, installation, film) with Luisa Rüster, Jenny Ocampo, Vivien Estelle Roos, Maria Färber, Jingjing Du and Lisa-Johanna Schindlbeck


September 5–7 in Victoria (CA)
Servicemaster (Christ Church Cathedral)
Media installation (music, film, object) with Kim Ferris-Manning